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American Shmidol

I can't believe I am about to dedicate a blog to the following entry.... but let's face it, I want to put in my two cents. As much as this show infuriates me you would think I have no opinion - I find it just so lame - and yet, I never miss an episode. With this being said, currently they are making us Americans sit through an ever so painful 85 weeks of watching karaoke fans in pursuit of a recording deal. But that is just it - go to your local karaoke bar - that is as good as it is going to get for some of you.... There are some, however, to which I will just have to admit I am a fan. Except for the oil-rigging, Gavin Degraw want-to-be winner from last week, I am actually quite pleased with America's decisions for who they have put into the Top 12 contestants. There are a few people, however, I hope have another chance: America - wake up - these people are great! Put them through if they make it to the wild card round: 1. Anoop Who wouldn't love this UNC, docke