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Our First Anniversary Present!

So if anyone is actually still checking this blog for updates, I figured it is high time to brag about an amazing anniversary - that's right - we made it ONE year! To really share all that went into the weekend celebration will take more than one blog entry - woohoo - the promise of another update soon... but for now, this post is dedicated to an amazing gift that was given to BJ and I!! The Friday morning before our anniversary weekend BJ asked me to work from home and go to lunch with him - luckily it was a slow week so that wouldn't be a problem - and then he told me to make sure I dressed like I was going to work. Um - what did that mean? Knowing that our anniversary weekend was going to be quite an affair in and of itself, I immediately got upset with him for spending any extra monies on lunch that day... haha... I am so ridiculous. He told me to get over it and get dressed... So we get in the car heading to lunch and slowly I begin to realize that we never go this dire