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America's Next Top Models?? Not so much....

So, we had engagement pictures last week... and well.... here are some that will not make the cut! Our photographers are Luke and David Edmonson , and we are really excited about how great most of these came out.  They just took about 3000, and so, there were bound to be SOME that would make us laugh.. so, enjoy! What is BJ looking at??  Getting fresh.. eh! So, when told to strike a pose.... here are some differences in our interpretations! It was WAY to bright and hot... in fact, I had a little fainting spell (um, ya... embarrassing) "I have to marry HER??" (thanks BJ!) I don't remember what he had just said, but BJ can be one funny boy...! oh my gosh.... what are either us of doing??? okay... show is over folks... get outta here!!!

Hawaii...A Day at the Beach!

We are still just under four months away. A great vacation and long awaited rest from the planning. This is how we both see our honeymoon. What a great place to start learning to be married. Hawaii offers some great beaches, mountainous volcanoes, exquisite dining and luxurious resorts where we will spend seven days and nights playing, viewing, eating and sleeping .  We were able to receive some amazing gifts that are helping us get to and stay at a resort in Maui. I am not sure how the locals refer to their islands but I think that you are not supposed to call the islands 'Hawaii'. That name refers primarily to the big island. Neither one of us has ever been to Hawaii. After all the world ventures we have been apart of separately we are going somewhere that will be our first new adventure together. I think what we both are really going to enjoy is the beginning of marriage at a place that is new for each of us and where we only have and want each other to rely on. I guess if

so, its been a while

Our plan when we started this blog was to update it regularly with fun, exciting news as we begin our life together. However, life is pretty crazy right now, and unfortunately we haven't been able to write in a while.... Summer is here, so BJ is going 100 miles and hour keeping up with kids around the clock (FUN!), and Karen, well she just started a new job working with DFW Events... all this excuse is to explain why you can't bore yourself with our updates... But, This is ALL changing. Stay tuned over the next few days.... we are turning over a new leaf and plan to keep you all informed and excited about the adventures of BJ and Karen! For now, enjoy this picture of my puppy, Kassie... what a cutie!