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Kiddie Park

Last week, Dot and I took the kids to San Antonio when BJ was traveling.... while there, we hit up some favorites from when I was younger and even from when my mom was little! First stop, the Train at Brackenridge Park. Eleanor is all about trains, now, because this was SUCH a fun experience for her! I remember riding it, myself, when I was probably 4-5 years old... so fun!   Eleanor could not get over the conductor.... every time he said something on the speaker and then had the train go "Choo Choo" she went nuts!   After our train ride, we headed over to Kiddie Park. This little amusement park opened in 1925.... my mom even remembers going to play here when she was little... it is so cute and was recently renovated in 2009. Holy moly, this place did not disappoint my girl. I just wish I got more pictures! Next time!!   Eleanor was VERY picky when choosing the horse she would ride on the carousel.... it took abut 4-5 options before she finally decided. L

Tripp :: Nine Months Old

Baby boy, this update comes about four days late due to Momma not feeling very good and just an overall inability to just get it together. Having to write Eleanor's two-year post just really through me for a loop.... I know it will be that way with you here really quick because we are 3/4 of the way to your first birthday!! Holy moly! Buddy, we had another okay month.... don't get me wrong, days with you are just the best... but there are a few things that just need to get under control. Regardless, I have never met a sweeter snuggle bug in my entire life. You have got to be the world's sweetest boy... just so genuinely nice and easy-going (kind-of). Tripper, you are awesome.... every day that we get to know you more we are just that much more excited to see the boy you are growing to be. So many exciting things happened this month, too!    *You weigh about 18lbs.... to us, you are a chunker.... but that is relative to your "big" sister. Other than heigh

Eleanor is TWO.

Where has the time gone? Many days I actually ask myself, how is it only 10:30am??... and yet, here I sit two years after the greatest day of my life wondering where in the world the time has gone. Eleanor Michael Rector, you are a HOOT.... seriously, one of the funniest little ladies I have ever met. You are so incredibly beautiful and striking - your eyes simply take our breath away. You are vivacious and full of energy.... something that is already keeping us on our toes. You are just a blessing.... In an attempt to record the plethora of things you are doing / saying / accomplishing, this will be a random post (and I am sure I will continue to add to it). *You know your full name and how old you are... it sounds like "Elenoo Michael Wectow", holy cuteness. When we ask you how old you are you hold up all 4 fingers and say "TWO!" *You weigh about 22 pounds, fully clothed... hey, we will take it! You are wearing clothes that range from 6-18 months, size 3