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Our First Anniversary Present!

So if anyone is actually still checking this blog for updates, I figured it is high time to brag about an amazing anniversary - that's right - we made it ONE year! To really share all that went into the weekend celebration will take more than one blog entry - woohoo - the promise of another update soon... but for now, this post is dedicated to an amazing gift that was given to BJ and I!! The Friday morning before our anniversary weekend BJ asked me to work from home and go to lunch with him - luckily it was a slow week so that wouldn't be a problem - and then he told me to make sure I dressed like I was going to work. Um - what did that mean? Knowing that our anniversary weekend was going to be quite an affair in and of itself, I immediately got upset with him for spending any extra monies on lunch that day... haha... I am so ridiculous. He told me to get over it and get dressed... So we get in the car heading to lunch and slowly I begin to realize that we never go this dire


To the love of my life.... HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY!! I love you more today than I did yesterday, and can confidently say that with the Lord the head of our marriage - that will be true for every one of our days! I CELEBRATE Y-O-U today! You, have made me so happy... So very, very happy!

A Not So Formal Entrance...

If you know me, or were a guest at my wedding, you definitely know that what you are about to see is so counter-intuitive to my ever-so-wedding-traditional taste.... HOWEVER - If you know me, or my obsession with dance, you could figure that I find great joy in this clip... if only it could have been a LITTLE more choreographed... oh wait, no.. no, it couldn't. ... maybe for when BJ and I renew our vows in about 10 years :)!

To all those wearied by Karen's bloglessness...

Dear Faithful (and now, probably faithless) Readers of Black Tie, White Dress: As you all know, and probably feel the effects of almost daily, Karen Michael Gross Rector rarely, if ever, updates her wonderful blog. I believe she doesn’t update on a regular basis for a few reasons: 1. She likes the attention some of us give her ever-stagnant blog. 2. She lacks confidence in her blog because Caroline Lamberth has taken to posting excerpts from her junior high diary on her blog. That is stiff competition. 3. She simply doesn’t care about her followers. 4. She is busy playing wifey to Beej. 5. She is busy memorizing every single dance danced on So You Think You Can Dance each week. This added on to her very busy job and social calendar just doesn’t leave much time to post on her blog. Being the author of a blog myself, I know how she feels. My social calendar is packed until April 2010, I have to watch 13 different reality television shows each week, I like to sleep, I work, sometim


Well looky here.... I found myself on YouTube! All I did was type in "Wheel of Fortune" and there we were.... For those of you who don't know, in 2005 my best pal, Lucy, and I had the opportunity to make the big bucks. Call it 15 minutes of fame, I call it a lifetime of shame. Why? Watch the following videos and you will know why... Let's start with the ridiculous "rainman" we played against, followed by our really exciting bios... Here we are losing the jackpot round - awesome. We will end with the ever-so-embarrassing parting gift they gave and our genuine gratitude for being on the show (don't judge). In all seriousness, this was one of the most fun experiences of my life. I mean really, who can top that? (If you can, don't tell me.) "We are all smiles, Pat." xoxo, KaLuce

I'm it.

I have been tagged - not going to lie - I am glad! I needed an idea for a blog entry today... my life is just NOT that interesting and I never have anything to say except for pathetic attempts to market reality television. So, thank you Allison for this tag. 1. Mention the person who tagged you. 2. Complete the list of 8's. 3. Tag eight of your wonderful bloggy friends! 8 things I look forward to: 1. Going to the lake tomorrow with BJ, Paige and Bret. 2. The "Sisterhood of YaYas Now & Then" road trip to up the East Coast to Philadelphia with my best friends Caroline, Mindy and Lucy! Unfortunately, I am NOT looking forward to leaving Carol there. 3. My 1 year anniversary with BJ on October 11th. 4. Buying a house - no offense Archstone, you have been just great - but I need a yard and some windows and to not live in a cave. 5. BJ finding the perfect job - my heart breaks for my hubby still on the job search - thank you Lord for your amazing provision along the way!

let's hear it for this boy....

K-R-I-S A-L-L-E-N Tonight is THE night - get ready for 3, (you heard me right), 3 performances by your American Idol - and then, the ball is in your court.... I ask that you have no shame and pull your phones out - give a him a text, or 2, or 200... because we need Kris "to beat the H*** out of Adam Lambert!" (thank you Aggies). I hope this is my last post dedicated to this... I feel like a tween. Let's be honest, anyone who can pull off Kanye's "Heartless" and make it an acoustic ballad, deserves to win, to sell out concerts, and to have CDs. I will buy them. I will go.

Should have been in marketing

So, I was not a marketing major, and rarely fall trap to marketing schemes - I am not someone who rushes out for the new toy, current trend or big sale. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy commercials that are well played. I hope you have at least seen one of these commercials before - but I will tell you - I literally almost cried the first time I saw them. Why? I don't know, but their marketing is funny. These 2 commercials make me want to burn my tastebuds on an entire bag of their candy right now... And now to my favorite, poor BJ has to hear me sing this 100x daily (in true mini fashion, mind you.) Will I go through the drive thru to pick up anything from this restaurant? Absolutely NOT. But will I pee in my pants every time they do a commercial? Absolutely. And finally, their newest installment, OMG this is awesome. I could have sworn this was going to be an Astrazeneca commercial with 800 warnings at the end. I mean, look at Jack's face the whole time.... ahhh haha

Kudos to my hub, BJ

Well, I need to join the bandwagon and brag on my husband... it seems that it is going around. Lately, my friend's husbands are doing a few things here and there to let their wives know they are loved... and well, BJ is no exception! Friday morning BJ asked me if he could take me on a date later in the evening - you may be thinking how very odd that a husband need ask his wife for a date, but I have to tell you, it was so endearing to me :) - you see, our lives have been just a little too busy for our own good - between my job (that keeps me busy on weekends) and his search for a new career, well, we just have not been too good at carving out intentional time for one another. So I was ecstatic when he asked me for a date :).... Upon arriving home Friday after work (tired from a hectic wedding rehearsal), BJ was standing at the front door, Mojito in hand for me, freshly shaved, with a PINK button down on - what a sight... and that wasn't all.... It is not secret that the Re


I am SO happy to report that I was wrong in my post yesterday.... that is right folks, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE premieres , THURSDAY, MAY 21!! ...that is one WHOLE week before it was originally planned to premiere! I know - contain your excitement..... Set your TIVOS and be prepared for the best summer programming FOX offers!

Weekly Lineup

Well, I have succumbed to peer pressure - that is right - everyone else jumped off the bridge and they are all yelling at me because I haven't yet.... so, I am officially jumping.... what does this mean? Well, if you follow this blog, it means that I will TRY to be more creative, timelier with posts, and well, more of a blogger...! So in true blogger fashion, I thought I would share "What's on BJ and Karen's TV this week??" with you - and every week, for that matter: (drum roll, please) Mondays - now this has become the toss up night - our normally scheduled programming includes: 1. The Bachelor - I have only missed 2 (yes, 2) seasons of this glorious, ridiculous show - and mind you, BJ likes it too! GO JILL! 2. Secret Life of an American Teenager - NO, unfortunately I am not kidding - I love this show. It is as horribly written and acted as 7th Heaven ever was, but for whatever reason, Beej and I have been hooked ever since that little freshman girl foun

So, its wedding season....

Well, I am probably the worst blogger in the world - I am okay with that. I am a faithful reader of the blogs I follow, and of that, I am proud! It is due time to update the title of this little blog - seeing as I have been Mrs. Rector for over 6 months - so be watching out for a fun new design (wink, wink Marina!). Life is SO super busy right now - I have gone from my wedding.... to hitting Spring Weddings hard here at DFW Events - we have 3 this weekend! And we pretty much stay strong until late fall - how fabulous is this job! I just love it so much - every weekend I get to be a part of a Bride and Groom's most special day - it still gets me; I cry almost every time we send a bride down the aisle... okay, I cry every time. LOVE IT!! Congrats to the many DFW Events Bride's getting married this weekend - and yay for Mondays being the new Saturday! I'll blog soon again, promise. (For my 3 readers.....) GO KRIS ALLEN!!

American Shmidol

I can't believe I am about to dedicate a blog to the following entry.... but let's face it, I want to put in my two cents. As much as this show infuriates me you would think I have no opinion - I find it just so lame - and yet, I never miss an episode. With this being said, currently they are making us Americans sit through an ever so painful 85 weeks of watching karaoke fans in pursuit of a recording deal. But that is just it - go to your local karaoke bar - that is as good as it is going to get for some of you.... There are some, however, to which I will just have to admit I am a fan. Except for the oil-rigging, Gavin Degraw want-to-be winner from last week, I am actually quite pleased with America's decisions for who they have put into the Top 12 contestants. There are a few people, however, I hope have another chance: America - wake up - these people are great! Put them through if they make it to the wild card round: 1. Anoop Who wouldn't love this UNC, docke

Just Mauied...

So... in the spirit of the final blog about our wedding - it is time we move on to more important things for the blogger world hear about - it is only fair that we share some of our amazing honeymoon! Us, and about 5 other honeymooning couples on AA Flight 6 on October 12, 2008, journey to the honeymoon capital of the world -- MAUI!! One of the things I regret most is not taking up Mindy's offer and bring along her legit camera - we really did a bad job at capturing the best vacation ever, but we'll remember.... It all started here - the most magical sendoff I could ever imagine for my wedding.... and there we go... off to start life together as Mr. and Mrs. William Rector...! Dum Di Dum Dum....the next day (check out my awesome ratted hair) We had to get up at 7am to catch our flight - note: this is NOT recommended for anyone getting married-- either leave after noon or the Monday... wow that was rough! On-board AA Flight 6 direct to Maui! BJ and I cruising to our