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Eleanor :: Six Months Old

Happy HALF-BIRTHDAY, little girl!! We cannot believe that you are SIX months old today... this has just flown by! You fill our days with so much blessing, it is no wonder we seemed to have blinked and you are a little lady... who loves to babble, scream, sing and of course, you still love to kick those legs and dance. It has been so fun to watch you learn this month... it is like you are really starting to see and wanting to know everything about the world around you. You are always bright-eyed, always grabbing for new toys (especially Momma and Daddy's Iphones, watches, remotes, etc...)... you are more fun than you were last month... and honestly, don't know if we can handle you becoming any cuter, any more fun or funny... it is just too much! You were close when I asked you how many months you were today... holding up a high-five, well that is just impressive for any six month old, I am sure. Poor Penny, you love her, you really do... I think you are just jealous that she ho

Rice Cereal, Shmrice Shmereal

So.... according to our pediatrician, Eleanor is showing all sorts of signs that she is ready to start tasting foods... last week, we thought it would be fun to introduce rice cereal to see how she took to the idea (keep in mind, this child has tasted NOTHING besides her momma's milk and Mylecon since the day she was born)... So cameras out, BJ and I were ready to make some great memories of watching her enjoy every last bite... enjoy these pictures as Eleanor makes it VERY obvious how she feels about rice cereal. All started off great... she was wide-eyed and adorable watching Momma mix the little meal... And our first bite!!! You can tell she was quite skeptical :)... Success - it stayed in her mouth!! (for about 3 seconds...) Going in for bite #2.... Eleanor gives Momma the stiff arm! No, thank you... Then proceeds to dump out every last bit from her mouth.... So we change settings.... literally, we were dying laughing at our drama queen.... "Y-U-C-K-Y Momma!" "

Eleanor's First Christmas

So, as I was looking through our Christmas pictures I found that I did a great job of capturing Eleanor, Eleanor and more Eleanor... surprise, surprise! What I did NOT do a great job of is taking any pictures of the "action"... oh well! At least you slept most of Christmas this year, little girl. Next year, my camera and video camera will be fully committed to capturing the details! Christmas Eve we headed to Dot Dot and Pop Pop's house for our annual dinner and to open our first Christmas present... punkin, I will tell you now... it is ALWAYS pajamas so keep that in mind... your daddy still hopes every year that he is opening a new toy. Toys come on Christmas morning. Mommy and her Santa-Baby... I love you punkin bottom. This is just funny. Christmas morning we celebrated Jesus' birthday with you Dot Dot, Pop Pop and Aunt Katie. Aunt Kristen and Uncle Benny always go to Washington for the holidays, so our celebration is little with just the 5 of us, for now... in ou