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Cheerleading Tryouts

If you have ever been through any sort of team tryout, audition, or interview, you know the waiting period can be a little bit stressful.... and well, that gives you an idea of how the hunt for our reception location has been since our engagement. BJ and I wanted to find a location that we felt "suits" us... so, the search began a while ago, to say the least. Enjoy this process alongside of us: 1. Dallas Museum of Art--who wouldn't want to have their reception here? The Hamon Atrium is absolutely perfect for the bride and groom who like to work with bare bones--slate floors, concrete infrastructure, and a 5 story glass wall with colorful blown glass cascading down. Not only that, but it really taps in to BJ's "artistic" side. So, we get all worked up over the DMA to find out that well, weddings are taking back seat due to the arrival of King Tut. Yes, He and all his artefactual glory are coming to Dallas in October, and well, until about 2 weeks ago, weddin

Engaged and Underage: Episode 1, The Discovery

Karen and I are bored. Its late and learning new stuff is a great way to spend time together... Pardon our lack of content, but get excited to see how this season unfolds. It will be full of mystery, surprises, and the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER. Set your tivos...

Credit where it is due!

It is time to brag on the lovely artwork that gives our blog the look we love! Thanks Marina!! We absolutely love your design and our blog, as a result. If you are interested in a personal blog makeover, check her designs out at here ! She can do anything!

That's what she said...

So after months of searching through designs, styles and prices, I finally found the perfect ring. Let me back up a moment to let you in on the anguish and thought that preceeded this wonderful afternoon. Several months before, I had talked to Mike (Karen's dad) and gotten what seemed to be the final blessing and go ahead. Then, I threw a golf club and was "urged" to slow things down, make a plan and then move forward. Now, you only need to know this so that you too can appreciate the whole engagement story from my point of view. Jumping ahead, Dot (Karen's mom) and I ended up at the ring place making what came to be the last look. We found this gorgeous, unique band that needed just a little polish. At the same time the band was sent back to get a shine I looked at another solitaire, round, brilliant diamond. Only this time I saw it. Now, I am not an expert but by this point I was able to see some of the flaws or lack thereof in the stones I had formerly inspected

A moment to brag....

I have to share this picture with everyone. It has nothing to do with our wedding, but c'mon, is this not the cutest thing in the world? I just came across this picture on my phone, and had a good laugh... enjoy... BJ is going to be a great dad someday, far-far away... ps. the baby is Brooks Wilkinson--one of our favorite kids in the WHOLE world!

...a long time coming

So, we feel like our "About Us" really does not shed much light on the beauty of how we became the future Mr. and Mrs. Rector... so let's us share some of our story. We find it quite humorous, at least I do, to know that basically we have been ignoring some pretty obvious signs over the years.... Sit back and enjoy the story of these two crazy kids.... You see, we should have met years ago. We are both Aggies, which doesn't necessarily mean anything seeing as the campus has over 40,000 people. But, somehow in the midst of the crowds, and regardless of supposed graduation dates (BJ took about twice as long as he should), our friend circles awkwardly collided. I only knew of BJ as the random guy who hung out with our friends… specifically, I totally remember a day at the lake when BJ totally called me out for something I said. All I could wonder is “Who does this guy think he is??” A few years later… Karen was a bridesmaid, BJ an usher, in one of our best friend


I hate to have to admit the following, but it is so true... BJ and Karen are getting married one of the busiest weekends known to Dallas, Texas. The infamous Texas/OU rivalry showdown will occur the afternoon of our wedding day.... aaggh. Yes, we knew it. Yes, we understand that Dallas will be bursting with people. Yes, we went to Texas A&M--so we are already over it! Here is what it means for our out-of-town guests... start making your reservations! We have 3 hotels ready for you, so go ahead and click on any of the hotels below to get more information about each option for the Gross/Rector wedding! However, it will be easiest to reserve your rooms by phone! Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco Rooms- $129/night Room block code- REC Phone- 972.712.7200 What a view! This beautiful hotel overlooks the new ballpark in Frisco and the Stonebriar Mall! Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center Rooms- $169/night Room block code- Gross/Rector Phone- 1.800.228.9290 or 97


So, the rumor when any couple gets married is that registering for gifts will be so much fun.... Not that we are going to negate that idea, but let's be honest... how are two unmarried people, who don't live together, and have NO clue where they will live once they are married supposed to know exactly what their house should look like?? Will the kitchen clash with the living room? or the baths with the bed? Well, keep that disclaimer in mind as you peruse our registries. We LOVE everything we have chosen, and well, we are just assuming that we have great taste! Click on the pictures to find our registries at these stores: For all our kitchen needs/wants! We could have taken the entire store! We LOVE everything that they have, and we both can't wait to become master chefs... We found plenty of things to fill our house, here! Whether it is tabletop or decor, we had a blast at the ever-faithful Crate and Barrel! You'll find our bedding here!! And lots more that will