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Eleanor :: Eight Months Old

Eight. Months. Old. Two-thirds of your first year gone by... wow! Eleanor, it is such so fun to watch you grow (well, kind of grow - haha!), learn, interact, get excited... everything is still so new to you, so intriguing and so FUN for you. I have learned to appreciate things that I have so easily taken for granted as I have gotten older... the little details that we all skip over, you notice. You can definitely tell the inflection of people's voices; you have a hearty-addicting-contagious laugh; you are not afraid to let us know when you are uncomfortable, tired or unhappy; you LOVE people (especially kids!); and you just are the cutest little crumb in the entire world. *So... our teeny little girl, although today you turn 8 months old, you currently still wear size 3-6 month clothes. You can still fit in some of your newborn outfits (they are just too short) and sometimes you can wear 6-9 months (dresses or onesie long pajamas). You are tall and skinny... but you still have SOME


Yesterday we joined Lucy in the tulips... much to my dismay, my little Eleanor was NOT in the mood to have her picture taken. Do not be deceived by this first shot... this is the ONLY one of her smiling out of all 300 Aunt Mindy took. Oh well, she is still darling to momma! I love this picture! Lucy was hamming it up for the camera smiling, winking, waving... its like she was trying to give Eleanor a pep-talk here.... Obviously, Eleanor didn't listen. I love our little girls.... how precious they are!

Eleanor and the Poodle

This, my friends and family, happens every time that we walk into Eleanor's room now and she spots her big, pink friend. I cannot lie... I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you Junior and the Garden Gate for spoiling my daughter..... She just keeps getting better and better.

Eleanor :: Seven Months Old

We are here again, another month gone by..... weeks pass by so quickly and days even faster, yet I just cannot believe how much you grow and change so significantly! Eleanor, you are just becoming quite the little lady - so full of personality, of attitude (sometimes an ATTITUDE!) and of LIFE... you literally enjoy all of your days! It is so fun to watch you constantly learning... absolutely everything is new to you and intrigues you - I often just stare as you study any new thing put before you, it is so FUN to watch you learn! There is not ONE day that passes that I don't praise our sweet Jesus for blessing us with you... I have actually become quite emotional over it in the last few weeks as I know that we are not promised tomorrow, health, security or anything that of course we all long for... and yet, He has shown Himself ever-so-faithful and abundantly generous in how He has dealt with us. We are so very undeserving for the honor it is to be called your Momma and Daddy. 7 mo