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Keeping up with the Jones'...Smith's and Reeves'

I am looking at the blog stuff and realize we get comments from people I, or we, have not spoken with in some time. We really love our friends and are blessed to have gotten to know so many wonderful people thus far in our lives. But, sometimes we feel bad. I am not sure how much keeping up with everyone is appropriate. We love every friend we have, and we both wish we had more time and ability to stay closer and in better touch with what is going on in everyone's life. But...let's be honest, lots of people are just closer in mileage. In this stage of life finding those around you to build a great community can be really hard. Jobs might be transitional and life has drastic changes. So the scramble to figure out where those old college friends, roommates, team members, church buddies, organization leaders and the mess of people that want to just be close to awesomeness can just wear a person out! Good thing Karen is great at details. We are really excited to see all of you at

I´ll be home soon babe!

A testament to our hearts for the Lord and each other is easy to see. I love Karen more than I love me. That is what I tell her occassionally, to remind myself and her, that as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her, I desire to learn and try. I´m in La Paz, Bolivia at about 11,000 feet of altitude overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The hand of God in his creation of these mountains and these people is sanctifying. I´ve made new friends and recovered relationships that I considered lost. But now I am ready to come home and see you. I love you and miss you more than you know. Ciao love, me

come home now, i say!

So, most of the youth staff from HPPC went to Bolivia for about 10 days on a Mission trip... while that is really a great opportunity, I just have to admit... I want BJ to come home, now! Its funny how much you realize you enjoy spending time, or a phone call, with a person every day until you can't do so.... Anyways, just wanted to make a shout out to our STREAM Staff for serving the Lord on this trip--send your prayers their way! That they would be effective servants, they would be SAFE, and that the Lord would be glorified in their work!

a place to call HOME

So, I have heard it said that the sweetest time in the engagement process is often the Bride's move home pre-wedding. Well.... Mike and Dot.... here I am! My parents, who happened to be my best friends (aside from BJ), just moved into a new house in Prosper, Texas. Since I am about 5 months away from taking a new last name, we all decided that these next few months I am due for a sweet retreat in the country with the parents. I moved in about 2 weeks ago, and I must say, I could get really used to this.... Our Prosper house... set in the country compared to what we have been used to... cows in our side yard, and a GREAT front yard for games that I didn't get a picture of, Sorry! The breakfast, I am going to start eating breakfast. The tv room where Mike, Dot and I never miss American Idol. My apartment.... now, I do actually have a bedroom in the house, but it is "BJ and I's" bedroom. Meaning, I will sleep here and spread out upstairs and le

Mushrooms and Garlic...Uggg!

"Your hair looks like a mushroom", Karen's morning welcome to me. "Well I like mushrooms, I wish you liked them too. But, apparently you don't!" "I hate it when your hair is straight down like that and you know it!" "I just wish you liked mushrooms..." "I do like them...on my pizza. I can't even remember the last time I had pizza." This was the second spat of the morning at Karen's parents house. She picked up her parents last night from the airport, and I drove up to hang out. The first spat was over the garlic. Somehow I ate garlic last night and it drove all kissing pleasure away. And yes, the garlic hung around until this morning's attempt as well. Sheesh! How much brushing does it take to get that stuff out? I like seeing Karen no matter her condition or fashion issues. She, however, is less apt to be unconcerned with those two tiny, little, normal, everyday thoughts. Surprisingly, her concern with these two