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Mmm, Mmm Good

What a difference flavor makes! If you remember back to when we introduced Miss Priss to solids, we started with Rice Cereal. Yikes . Well.... a week later we thought it was time to try again, but instead of going back to the dreaded awfulness of liquid cardboard, we introduced E to Sweet Potatoes. As you can see from pictures below... THIS time, we had a MUCH different response!! "Get in my belly...!!" "Thank you Momma... you and daddy are the best" "No Daddy, let me help... you are taking too long between these bites" "Mmm, Mmm good...." Since the Sweet Potatoes, we have now introduced Eleanor to Peaches, Pears, Peas, Squash and Carrots.... she has not met a food she does not like. That's my girl! Better yet, that's her daddy's girl!

There once was this CURL...

and when put together with this smile.... well, that's enough said.