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If I Could Keep You Little

A sweet friend of mine came over the other day and brought a gift for Tripper Boy.... one of the things she gave him is a little book called, "If I Could Keep You Little". Tears swell to my eyes when I think about this book, even now. I have neglected, like RAN, from my blog for about two weeks now because I am somewhat in denial that Eleanor is TWO. I have so many things that I want to record about how amazing my little punkin bottom is, the unbelievably hilarious things she is doing, the beauty inside and out that radiates in her smile that melts my heart. I'll get there... she deserves a long, picture-filled post... and I want to rejoice in writing it. Now that this sentimental momma has finally come to grips with reality (and actually is celebrating it), I will get going on this post that will take forever to write, I bet! Stay tuned.... until then, enjoy this... a pic from her bday party (that will deserve a post too!).