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I am SO happy to report that I was wrong in my post yesterday.... that is right folks, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE premieres , THURSDAY, MAY 21!! ...that is one WHOLE week before it was originally planned to premiere! I know - contain your excitement..... Set your TIVOS and be prepared for the best summer programming FOX offers!

Weekly Lineup

Well, I have succumbed to peer pressure - that is right - everyone else jumped off the bridge and they are all yelling at me because I haven't yet.... so, I am officially jumping.... what does this mean? Well, if you follow this blog, it means that I will TRY to be more creative, timelier with posts, and well, more of a blogger...! So in true blogger fashion, I thought I would share "What's on BJ and Karen's TV this week??" with you - and every week, for that matter: (drum roll, please) Mondays - now this has become the toss up night - our normally scheduled programming includes: 1. The Bachelor - I have only missed 2 (yes, 2) seasons of this glorious, ridiculous show - and mind you, BJ likes it too! GO JILL! 2. Secret Life of an American Teenager - NO, unfortunately I am not kidding - I love this show. It is as horribly written and acted as 7th Heaven ever was, but for whatever reason, Beej and I have been hooked ever since that little freshman girl foun

So, its wedding season....

Well, I am probably the worst blogger in the world - I am okay with that. I am a faithful reader of the blogs I follow, and of that, I am proud! It is due time to update the title of this little blog - seeing as I have been Mrs. Rector for over 6 months - so be watching out for a fun new design (wink, wink Marina!). Life is SO super busy right now - I have gone from my wedding.... to hitting Spring Weddings hard here at DFW Events - we have 3 this weekend! And we pretty much stay strong until late fall - how fabulous is this job! I just love it so much - every weekend I get to be a part of a Bride and Groom's most special day - it still gets me; I cry almost every time we send a bride down the aisle... okay, I cry every time. LOVE IT!! Congrats to the many DFW Events Bride's getting married this weekend - and yay for Mondays being the new Saturday! I'll blog soon again, promise. (For my 3 readers.....) GO KRIS ALLEN!!