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Now this game of tag is fun....

Kimbo Collins White has tagged us..... and after reading her last post, it got my mind thinking of who I would put down as the answers to the pensive questions asked: 1. Who are my favorite people in the world? My best friend Phil Wickham--I pretty much spend time with this guy everyday... call me a creeper.  But seriously, I find such great joy in his praise... if you haven't discovered this musical talent, I highly encourage you to trust my advice and go ahead and buy all of his albums. Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo--You have got to be freaking kidding me!  Where have they been the past 3 seasons of "So You Think You Can Dance"???  They have absolutely made this show the best on television--- if you missed some of their choreography... YouTube these numbers: "No Air" and "Bleeding Love"... just to get you started. Jim Halpert--now I know that this is kind of a cliche, because who doesn't think he is adorable, but yes.... small crush. Mary-Kate

Iphone SHMIphone Obsessions

So many of you may already know this--but BJ loves Apple.  I mean I feel like he is passionate about their products, moderately obsessed, and just ridiculous sometimes if you ask me.  It could be regarding a computer, an ipod, or the Iphone.... once he starts talking, just know you will be chatting a while..... Today I was thinking about how much money we have given Mr. Apple and so let me just share all of the his products that BJ and I have collected and now have in our possession (this is sick, and I bet you all have even more!): 40G Generation 2 Ipod 80G Video Ipod 30 G Video Ipod Nano Ipod 2 Shuffles 2 MacBooks 2 Generation 1 Iphones... well, that is until today. About one month ago, BJ told me he was going to sell his Iphone and buy the new one when it came out... how ridiculous (I thought).  Who needs a new Iphone when not even a year ago we got them?  Apple... oh the tease you are.  Ridiculous until I found out that we could sell our phones, get new ones, and probably profit i

Where does the term tagging come from anyway...I thought that was graffiti slang?

What I was doing 10 years ago... I was about to make a move down to College Station and enter my second year of junior college, though the first year I do not count. It was a trial run of sorts. Blinn College here I come... 5 things on my to-do list today... Finish booking our honeymoon hotel. Get ready for Poolside. Eat a healthy dinner. Call Karen to chat about the day. Watch as much of the Rangers game as possible. Snacks I enjoy... popcorn, cashews, peanuts, Reese's pbc, celery w/ peanut butter, broccoli and ranch, Custard! Things I would do if I was a billionaire... Tithe. Pay off family debt and pay for them to have a financial planning course. Invest and live off the interest. Look for ventures to fund that would be really cool and worth while. Not fret about gas prices and get Karen's her Great White back. Fund a bunch of missionaries to central/east Asia and the middle east. Buy a great house in one dollar bills Muah-ha-ha!! Places I've lived...

A Little Bit About... Karen Michael Gross

 BJ and I have been tagged! And well, keeping in step with true blogger fashion, we will comply with this game passed by our dear friend, Mindy. What I was doing 10 years ago... Around July 1998 I actually worked at ASI Gymnastics in Addison, Texas.  Now, if you are one of my friends who took tumbling with me in college, you may very well be wondering WHY in the world they would hire me!  I was leading birthday parties and small summer camps for like 3 year olds--so I could keep up :).... other than that, I remember spending a lot of time laying out, heading to Kanakuk, and probably spending hours with Julia, Caroline, Jaclyn and Ashley. 5 things on my to-do list today... Managing our clients Save the Date personal deliveries to her guests, ordering more Baccarat hearts for these glorious Save the Dates, helping deliver these Save the Dates, paying my floral and cake deposit for OUR wedding, and getting home to Maebe (Ben and Kristen's dog) that I am housesitting this week! S