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Well, here we go!

Today is a big day in the Rector household. Today begins a new era for our family. I don’t know if I can adequately put my feelings into words to describe where we are, the changes that today bring, and all that they mean for us. But I’ll try.  In July 2012 I began a (little) journey that was completely foreign to me. After the transition home from event planning to raising Eleanor and Tripp, I quickly realized that living under a tight budget was possible, but scary considering how expensive life is and will continue to be. I knew that BJ was doing what he could to give me what I desired most… the chance to be home and raise our babies. The toll was large because it took him out of the home, sometimes out of the city, to provide financially for our family to look the way it did.  So when I was introduced to a little business called Rodan + Fields, I was intrigued by the simple fact that inside my home, on my terms, in my yoga pants and during nap time, I could bring in any suppl