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Positive - No. 2

So, I intended to write this for the past week, but simply have not had the energy nor the time to scribe my memories, my reactions, my thoughts.... On April 3rd, 2011, I woke up to a flood of emotions - it had been the same, familiar feeling for the past couple of weeks and I was determined to put my mind at ease - I would take a pregnancy test. Almost the same scenario as when I found out I was pregnant with your older sister, I wasn't expecting to be pregnant, but mix nursing and your daddy and I ready to expand our family... I guess I could say that I hoped. So, that Sunday morning we woke up... I fed Eleanor, daddy and she then just played in the living room when I excused myself to go to the bathroom... took the test and all of the sudden a rush of anxiety came over me: What if I am pregnant? What if I am NOT? Regardless of what this stick says, I am super nervous to know how to react... how will BJ react... I decided to make the bed to make the 3 minutes pass quickly. I rem

Eleanor's Gym... she's intense.

This little girl considers it her job to be in her Jumperoo... all day, every day... if she is not napping, eating or outside, this is what she wants to do. Thank you Selena for letting Eleanor enjoy this little toy - it is 100% her current favorite. Between the constant kicks and her incessant jumping... I am convinced that these legs are ready to learn some choreography.