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Tripp :: Twelve Months Old

It is official... we made it! You are 12 months, ONE YEAR OLD, and we lived to tell about it!! Kidding, kind of. Buddy, Happy Birthday.... It has been hard for me to muster up the will to write up this little entry for a variety of reasons. One, I am tired. Two, I am kind of in denial that we are actually here. Three, I am too busy. Four, This sentimental momma is just a wreck seeing this chapter come to a close. Now mind you, you are still my little baby... but you are growing into a little boy more and more everyday and I can't believe how rapidly the time passes. You finished out your first year with a bang... read it however you want :)... but there were some really high-highs and some really low-lows... regardless, days with you are precious and not taken for granted. Truly.   We will start with your stats.... you weigh 18.14lbs (20%) and you are 31.5in tall (97%).... so, true to the Rector brood, thus far, you are tall and lanky. You are still wearing 9-12 month

Tripp :: Eleven Months Old

BooBoo..... eleven months old. Holy schmoly. This past month was really fun, buddy! I mean of course I want to lament how quickly it passed and how unbelievably bizarre it is to me that you will be, gulp, one year old next month.... but truly, this past month was just full of some really great memories and fun milestones. I think one thing I am loving more than anything is seeing how you and Eleanor are starting to play together... buddy, you love your big sister and pretty much follow her around, smile at her, pull her hair and laugh at her all day, every day. I am just cherishing the next few weeks to claim you as my baby.... not that you won't be my baby forever, but you are racing to become a toddler, racing! You schedule is a little confusing. I feel like we are still trying to figure it out, eleven months later. Pretty much you are still waking up between 7-7:30 every morning... but you are really fighting the morning nap, really fighting the afternoon