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Bridesmaids of Honor

I wanted to write about why I chose each of my bridesmaids before BJ and I got married, but oh well... at least it made it to the program.  Instead of retyping this info, I thought I would share with the blogger world some of their glamour shots.... I know they will love this. (Please note: the order of their appearance is in alphabetical order by last name, that is all.) Katie - you're just my teeniest little tiny. Cari  - some call me sassy. Jana - our flirty little doctor :) Kristen - where are you looking pretty lady? Lucy -  you put your hand upon your hip, when i dip, you dip, we dip. Paige - ah lean back, lean back... Julia - you could never tell she just had twins. Carol - just like the gold medal podium, looking at that American flag. Mindy - get it girl. Gillean -just a beauty. Jenna - our reader, and my silly little sister My youth girls! - this makes me want to cry

There went the bride, da dum di dum...

This blog is dedicated to my 5 readers who keep pestering me for an update: Well, the title of this blog is no longer legit-- it is no longer the blog belonging to the future Mr. and Mrs. William Rector, because I am officially Mrs. William Joseph Rector, II!!!  If you were unable to join the celebration on the most joyous day of BJ and I's life.... continue reading, for I have to share the story that tells of the greatest day of our lives. It is so funny, millions of girls every year spend so much time and energy building toward this one day... you dream of it being exactly the way you had always hoped.  It's crazy I know, but I admit, it was worth all the time, stress and meetings: BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!   For me, I had always wanted to get married in the church where Maria from Sound of Music did.... the big cathedral with a booming pipe organ and accompanying musicians.  The trumpet would pay as I entered with my dad on my arm, me and my groom both tearful as I look from