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17 weeks

So, not my favorite week thus far on round 2.... not BR #2's fault, but I caught a vicious little cold that just knocked me off of my feet. I found myself finally starting to feel like I was coming out of the morning sickness fog of the past 3 months only to walk straight into what felt like the black lung. I mean, the whole sha-bang.... lost my voice, scratchy throat, coughed and coughed and coughed until my body convulsed, and longed for my bed the moment I stepped out of it everyday. Lovely! This little bug kind of made me a nervous ninny with BR #2... you always are, sweet one, but you were like CONSTANTLY on my mind. I felt like the ferocious nature of my coughing must have felt like massive turbulence to you - so sorry about that. What it did provide, however, was just a faithful reminder to lift you up in prayer... just like we did with Eleanor, we a fervently praying that you would continue to develop HEALTHY, strong and absolutely perfect according to your Creator. Ultim

16 Weeks

I was looking at where I was at 16 weeks when I was pregnant with Eleanor to find that: a. I was really excited to think I had felt butterflies in my tummy b. I had already purchased a crib for her nursery Here the second time around, I have yet to have butterflies (but let's be honest, I was probably way-over assuming any movements with Eleanor) and well, we are not going to do a second nursery until Baby Rector #2 arrives... my how things change :). One of BJ and I's very favorite things (um, now that we have done it once) would be NOT finding out the gender of the baby until he/she makes their arrival in the delivery room... it is truly as close to magical as it gets ( see here ). Because of this and because Eleanor will still very much be a baby when her little sister/brother arrives, we have decided to wait on the nursery until we know it BR #2 is a boy or a girl. We are believers in the bassinet (hence the title) and so our newest addition will start in our room anyways

15 Weeks

So here we are again.... on the road to meeting Baby Rector #2, and starting our little bump series so that we can remember what my body goes through (such a labor of love if you ask me, pun intended) as well as begin preparing ourselves, Eleanor and our little growing addition to the blessing that their life will add to our home. Many people, friends, family and strangers alike, have not been shy to ask the question: "Um, was this a SURPRISE?!"... what, you mean it is not normal to get pregnant with your second when your first is only 7 months old? My honest answer - Yes. This little nugget was a surprise... but like, surprise you won the lottery, or surprise your mortgage has been paid off or surprise candy is the best source for vitamins and minerals. No, BJ and I were not trying... but we were ready to start... adding Eleanor to our life has been nothing shy of amazing. The thought of another one makes my heart skip a beat out of the JOY I can't help but feel! Here


Good thing Eleanor doesn't know what shaking her head means... she just does it for everything. But it sure does make for a good laugh. *Please excuse my baby-talk, lisp thing. It bothers me too.

Just when you think....

that no one reads your blog, the funnest thing happens! Journey over to my new cyber-friend's bloggy blog to read a great story about just how small the blogger world is! While you are there, check out her adorable blog and beautiful family ! Brooke, I hope to meet you in person someday! And to anyone else out there reading this little diary to my family (I don't scrapbook, so this is for our kids!) we love having you visit... if we don't know each other, shoutout so that I can read your blog too (yep, I do that too). Hopefully you enjoy our crazy antics, obsessive nature and attempt at witty posts so that Eleanor (and all of our children) think we are cool :). Today, I feel like Julie & Julia (dramatic much?).... so, who wants to offer me a contract for publishing??!?.... hey, this future stay at home mom would love to write for mula... haha!