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My Best Man

Well Dad this is to you. You are the best man in my wedding. I love you. My dad grew up as one of eleven kids, so he knows a lot about a lot of things. You can not be 1 of 11 and not figure out how to survive, how to compromise and how to be a good leader or follower. My dad has taught me all of the above. Sometimes he meant to teach those things, but sometimes he did not. I remember one time I got in trouble and had to write sentences about something. After I finished most of them he sat down and talked to me and told me about manners and stuff. The only thing I took away from that whole "lesson" was, "you look people in the eye when they are addressing you." And so I do. Rather, I try. Another time we were at a tree job, dad worked his own tree business for a little while, and the lady [customer] came out and said she wanted all the saw dust cleaned up because she was allergic. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I had heard, that day. But dad looked at

Happy Birthday to the man, my man... BJ Boo Boo Bear

That's right readers... today, YES today, is William Jonathan's (haha!) birthday.  It is time to celebrate, rejoice, and admire the man that God has created in our beloved BJ.  If you know BJ, you know that today is a reason to celebrate him.... if you don't... well, let me give you a few reason why you should: He looks great in girl shorts..... this is good for a family on a budget.   He loves his music... it could be classic rock, indie emo ballads, worship, or love songs... this boy will sing at the top of his lungs (and with passion) if he really likes a song. I appreciate that he really does have good taste in music, so this is a endearing quality.  This picture represents a 2-fold reason to celebrate BJ.   1. The color orange-- not many people are as obsessed with the color like BJ... he loves orange like a girl loves pink. 2. When he pouts, it is quite ridiculous.... and really cute too. Um.... sometimes BJ thinks he is hard core... look at this picture.  Who is he