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Yippie... E is 3!

Yesterday we celebrated Eleanor turning THREE years old. I have to pause for a moment.... I just said my baby girl is three. I literally feel as though life was put on lightning-speed mode once my kiddos were born. Throughout the day yesterday, I constantly had to remember that we were celebrating.... I purposefully made the biggest deal out of her third birthday making sure it was FUN, exciting and meaningful for her.... Eleanor, it was all for you, but at the same time I felt like I needed to make it such a big deal because this sentimental momma was actually having a pretty tough time coming to grips with how fast it has all seemed to zoom past us. I kept thinking about the mundane and monotonous days that we sometimes have and how it seems like the hours last for days.... and how in that moment, yesterday, I wished for each hour to slow down a bit more. I wanted it to feel long, I wanted to sit and hold her, I wanted to listen to her talk or sing to herself while playing with her t