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There Are No Words....


Tripp :: Four Months Old

Tripper Boy.... you are getting so big! Here we are a third into your first year of life, and we are just having a ball getting to know you. You are just the sweetest little snuggle bug (emphasis on the snuggle) and your precious countenance is just out of this world. We LOVE having you in our family... you have added so much joy and meaning to our days. Daddy, Eleanor and I couldn't love you any more than we do - you have completely stolen our hearts! This month was so fun getting to know you even more. Now that you have more wake time, we just cherish the time spent with you.... call it hormones (because I will), but Momma has already shed a few tears with how fast you are growing and the changes that you have made in the last few weeks. There is nothing better than snuggling you, precious one, and every day you are getting a bit more independent... exciting to watch, but sad for this Momma who loves nothing more than cuddling you!   Unfortunately, you had your fir

Things I Just Can't Forget

Eleanor, I just wish I had a constant video camera on you all day... I get choked up when I think about the day when (or if) I forget little things you are saying and doing now. You are 19 months today and just blow our minds. You have become the most vivacious, beautiful, temperamental, feisty, happy and funny little lady... there isn't a day, mind you a few hours, that go by that you don't do something new, hilarious, charming or just plain ridiculous. A few things I can't forget.... *You love to sing the "1-2-3" song to Tripp while moving his feet. *You can sing your "ABCs", but it goes like this: "abcdefg...lmnop..uvwx...z, now I know my ABC, nes time won you seen wiff me". *You can sing "happy birthday"... and the other day Katie turned 28. When Dot-Dot walked in with the cake, you immediately exclaimed "Happy Birthday?!?!!!" without anyone telling you. You love yourself some cake, girlfriend.  *You sing &qu