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Eleanor :: Five Months Old

Sweet Eleanor, here we are again... another month day where I get the opportunity to celebrate YOU! This past month was just SO much fun, yet again, you are just like fine wine... better with age :). I can only imagine where we are headed, because these past 5 months have been, hands-down, the greatest 5 months of our lives to date. You have become a very vocal, cheerful little girl - always squealing, or singing, or dancing, or all three at the same time... you have such a great personality and your countenance is so joyful. I sound like a broken record, but it is true and we just want you to know without a shadow of a doubt that you bring so much JOY into our home. You are such a gift, we do not deserve the right to have you as our little girl... and so we are just so humbled that we actually get this opportunity - and do not take for granted our little blessing from the Lord. So, you are starting to figure out what is going on when I take your picture in your chair.... you wanted i

Rector Christmas Card 2010

We hope each and every one of you had a truly blessed Christmas! *Thank you to David Edmonson for the beautiful picture of our sweet little girl.... and to Marina Simmons for such an amazing card. We love you both so much!

All I Want for Christmas....

Seriously, what more could this Momma ask for??!?!! Today, Mindy and I took Eleanor and Lucy Kate to the Galleria for a visit with Mr. Bowl Full of Jelly himself. I am very impressed with the casting agent for selecting Santa, as he was WONDERFUL and quite authentic, if you ask me! Not only that, the girls were just perfect... at least for this year, we can say that they were not afraid of Santa at all! In fact, I am pretty sure Eleanor was whispering all sorts of goodies she is hoping for in her stocking... slow down, little miss. In order to take pictures of our own, we had to purchase a set of pictures from the photographers there, too... haha, oh well! Mindy should take up that gig because she got GREAT shots!! The girls ganging on on their Momma's together... I am pretty sure they were coming up with a scheme to get all they ever wanted for Christmas... Too Fun! Eleanor's first Christmas thus far = SUCCESS!

Eleanor :: Four Months Old

How are we already here? I know I am not the most faithful at updating on a regular basis, but it seems as like I blinked and my little lady is 4 MONTHS OLD. Eleanor, stop it. Stop melting our hearts, stop making our knees weak, stop being so gosh darn cute... it is too much... our hearts may burst! What a true JEWEL you are... there is not a day, nor moment, that goes by that Momma and Daddy aren't completely humbled that you are our little girl... never in a million years could we have done anything to deserve you... you are a GIFT that we will never ever take for granted, our precious little one, WE LOVE YOU. Punkin Pie puts on quite the show for the camera - Eleanor, you have grown to love and completely show off for the camera... I can never get enough pictures of you! (I need to start taking more on our camera and not just my phone) You are getting SO big... your little thighs are just my favorite... you are really not that big of a baby, but lets just say you have mini-thun