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I'm it.

I have been tagged - not going to lie - I am glad! I needed an idea for a blog entry today... my life is just NOT that interesting and I never have anything to say except for pathetic attempts to market reality television. So, thank you Allison for this tag. 1. Mention the person who tagged you. 2. Complete the list of 8's. 3. Tag eight of your wonderful bloggy friends! 8 things I look forward to: 1. Going to the lake tomorrow with BJ, Paige and Bret. 2. The "Sisterhood of YaYas Now & Then" road trip to up the East Coast to Philadelphia with my best friends Caroline, Mindy and Lucy! Unfortunately, I am NOT looking forward to leaving Carol there. 3. My 1 year anniversary with BJ on October 11th. 4. Buying a house - no offense Archstone, you have been just great - but I need a yard and some windows and to not live in a cave. 5. BJ finding the perfect job - my heart breaks for my hubby still on the job search - thank you Lord for your amazing provision along the way!

let's hear it for this boy....

K-R-I-S A-L-L-E-N Tonight is THE night - get ready for 3, (you heard me right), 3 performances by your American Idol - and then, the ball is in your court.... I ask that you have no shame and pull your phones out - give a him a text, or 2, or 200... because we need Kris "to beat the H*** out of Adam Lambert!" (thank you Aggies). I hope this is my last post dedicated to this... I feel like a tween. Let's be honest, anyone who can pull off Kanye's "Heartless" and make it an acoustic ballad, deserves to win, to sell out concerts, and to have CDs. I will buy them. I will go.

Should have been in marketing

So, I was not a marketing major, and rarely fall trap to marketing schemes - I am not someone who rushes out for the new toy, current trend or big sale. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy commercials that are well played. I hope you have at least seen one of these commercials before - but I will tell you - I literally almost cried the first time I saw them. Why? I don't know, but their marketing is funny. These 2 commercials make me want to burn my tastebuds on an entire bag of their candy right now... And now to my favorite, poor BJ has to hear me sing this 100x daily (in true mini fashion, mind you.) Will I go through the drive thru to pick up anything from this restaurant? Absolutely NOT. But will I pee in my pants every time they do a commercial? Absolutely. And finally, their newest installment, OMG this is awesome. I could have sworn this was going to be an Astrazeneca commercial with 800 warnings at the end. I mean, look at Jack's face the whole time.... ahhh haha

Kudos to my hub, BJ

Well, I need to join the bandwagon and brag on my husband... it seems that it is going around. Lately, my friend's husbands are doing a few things here and there to let their wives know they are loved... and well, BJ is no exception! Friday morning BJ asked me if he could take me on a date later in the evening - you may be thinking how very odd that a husband need ask his wife for a date, but I have to tell you, it was so endearing to me :) - you see, our lives have been just a little too busy for our own good - between my job (that keeps me busy on weekends) and his search for a new career, well, we just have not been too good at carving out intentional time for one another. So I was ecstatic when he asked me for a date :).... Upon arriving home Friday after work (tired from a hectic wedding rehearsal), BJ was standing at the front door, Mojito in hand for me, freshly shaved, with a PINK button down on - what a sight... and that wasn't all.... It is not secret that the Re