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Tripp :: Eight Months Old

I have SO much to write about.... so many things in our world I just don't want to forget. I said the same thing two months ago and yet here I am only able to get out my monthly post, again. BOO. Oh Tripper boy, or BooBoo Boy, you are simply the best thing since sliced bread. This eight months has just been so great having you in our family. Sure I hate that you don't take a bottle, sure I hate that you really don't care for napping very much.... but golly wolly, you are just our favorite little boy in the whole wild world. We are about to celebrate TWO years with Eleanor next week and I know that if I blink long enough all of the sudden you will be ONE. Buddy, you are awesome.  This month was how do I say... ROUGH. You are just the happiest little guy on the planet, that is unless you have an ear ache. And you had yourself some ear aches... for the first time in my parenting life, I have now been up all night with a crying baby. And I am so sorry for the parents a