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Where?? Down in my Heart...

Little girl, I just can't tell you enough about the JOY you have brought to your daddy's and my life... it is literally indescribable. These past six weeks have just been the most unreal, blessed weeks of our lives. As soon as we learned we were expecting, we began praying over your precious life... and sweet baby, you are the answer to so many of our prayers. We can already see the fireball of fun that God has created you to be... you are the happiest, most JOYful baby... and it is just melting your daddy's and my heart! You LOVE to laugh, coo and smile all day long... specifically (funny enough) some of our greatest laughs together are when we are changing your diaper! Something about a clean bottom makes you giggle and smile... oh my goodness I just love you so much! And as of the last few days, when you hear our voices you have a smile that would melt the hardest heart into a puddle of mush... May you always live your days with a JOY inside that resembles the smile we s

We are slightly obsessed...

Can you tell we are new parents??? She rules.