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Eleanor :: Ten Months Old

Our precious firstborn, it's that time of the month again... yep, a time to stop and reflect that you are officially the fastest growing human we know. How in the world are you 10 months old today? Well, although we could spend another 10 months contemplating how fast time flies with you... we really just pause here to again say, these past months have been the greatest of our lives, thus far. Eleanor, you continue to bring us unfathomable amounts of JOY - the outside world will never, EVER be able to understand why we always emphasize this so much... but you, my dear girl, are the most JOYOUS blessing of our lives, to date. And now, as we await your little sibling, we rejoice knowing that God has entrusted us with another one of his precious creations and our hearts may burst knowing that we will have another bundle of JOY in our home. If I were to describe this month.... a blink. Literally, because I feel like all I did was blink and it has passed us by. Also, it seems as if Mom

Rector 2.0

So, on April 2, 2011, I woke up to this... I immediately showed Eleanor to confirm... "Momma, are you kidding me??!!" So, we held off telling our families until Easter and had a great plan to reveal Eleanor as the BIG SISTER at the dinner table... we didn't think about that lunch was right after her nap, so she was a little groggy and looks unhappy, but we couldn't keep it anymore.... So a few days later we tried to take some pictures again to prove that Eleanor is VERY excited! We can't wait to meet you, Baby Rector #2!! As of now, we look forward to November 22nd when you will enter this world... (you are due December 1, but because I will have a C-section, you birthday is currently scheduled for November 22!)... but we are SO thankful to the Lord for your life as you grow inside of Momma right now and we are praying FERVENTLY for you... same as we did for your precious, big sister... healthy baby, who chooses Jesus at an early age and never once doubts that Mom

Everything is different...

Because little girl is not content with just looking up at things anymore, nope... this happened about a week ago and we officially have a stander / holding on to things walker. YIKES. *The best is in the mornings in her crib... I will try to catch the monitor on video, but she will sit up, stand up, walk around and play - all while looking at the camera - for a good 5 minutes. HILARIOUS!

Eleanor :: Nine Months Old

If I were to sum up this month in a word - lightning. From the crazy weather we had (multiple hail storms at home and a massive amount of tornadoes around the country), to the pace at which you now travel, to ultimately how fast again time is flying by! You are the fastest, most curious, nosy and ambitious little 9th month old I know! I feel like if I blink, you literally are in another room, are standing up holding onto the couch or are pulling up on the entertainment center - you are a handful! And. We. Love. It. These monthly pictures are just becoming WAY too difficult a feat... I am hoping we can get to 12 months with a sign, but I am beginning to doubt it. Once you see that ribbon - that is all you care about :). So Eleanor, why don't you show your friends how old you are... Vanna White style: You are such a little muffin - currently, your nicknames are "munch'n punch" (daddy), little girl, punkin bottom, little poop.... you are still just the teeniest little p