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Tripper's First Birthday Party!

Tripper's Birthday Party was also on his actual birthday... for some reason, I just love that both of my kiddos were able to have their parties on their actual days! Seeing as he was born the day after Thanksgiving, we figured it was perfect (and probably the only year) that we could celebrate "Our Little Turkey!"... the party was SUPER simple with just our families, small group and the Rives family... we had moved into our new house the week before, so it was bare-bones, but perfect. We served a chili bar (forgot to get a picture of that!) with both white and traditional chili and all the fixings, veggies and hummus, chips and dip and turkey cupcakes... SUPER simple :). Tripper's Birthday cake.... The day before the party, we decided to make a last-minute outdoor chalkboard for our fence... to this day, it is one of the kids' favorite activities! It is hard to look at this picture below without crying... I can't believe these blue


Yep, just a few months shy of her THIRD birthday, I am finally sitting down to make sure I have her second birthday party post for our memories..... from the moment Tripper was born, Eleanor found great friendship with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.... she had never shown interest in television until right around 15 months.... and when she found Mickey, she became quite the fan! So of course when it was time to celebrate her birthday, we couldn't think of anything more perfect than celebrating in Eleanor's clubhouse.... on her birthday, July 31... We kept the party real simple... kind of tried to create a "waterpark" feel in our little backyard, but we definitely learned a few lessons. Summer birthday parties need to be inside or in a real pool. Kids has a blast - parents left just as wet as the kids, but with sweat... yuck. Oh Texas heat, you are brutal! Regardless, Eleanor just had the time of her life.... For food - we did Hot Dogs (duh, Goofy), Mickey-shaped pea