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Its all fun and games....

Until Eleanor gets too rough. I have a feeling he will get her back, soon.

Tripp :: Five Months Old

  Tripper Boy... another month gone by, and here I am to say that I just don't think we will ever understand how time flies SO fast. When I think back to your birthday, it literally feels like it was weeks ago, not months... like, I keep accidentally telling people that I just had a baby. Um, no I didn't. You are FIVE months old!! And seriously boy, you just get better with age.   You continue to have the most amazing countenance.... not much really ruffles your feathers. You are generally the most quiet, sweet, cuddly little fella. In fact, it is rare that we see you cry (is it bad to say that we kind of like it? you make the best, most dramatic cry face ever).   At your 4 month check-up, you were 14.7lbs (45%), 26.25 tall (90%) and your head was 42.2cm (49%).... unfortunately, on your 5 month birthday we had to go to the doctor for your second ear infection, but we found out that you now weigh 15.3lbs! You weigh more than Eleanor weighed at 10 months old!!   Th

Unlock the Doors!

Make sure you have the volume up, it may be hard to hear her say MOM. (tear).

Couch Sessions...

So we have this couch in our family room that I have had for over 10 years.... maybe longer. Sure, when I think about the way that I wish my house looked this couch would be history. But that is just it... history is being made on this couch, or at least memories. So while it has milk stains, spit up and the occasional pee puddle from Tripp (it gets disinfected often!)... I love this couch. Who wouldn't when this is what happens about 100 times a day??....        I mean... look at the genuine JOY in these little one's eyes... they LOVE each other SO much.   Can't ask for more than that.

Water Table Fun

Pamie gave Eleanor a water table for her 2nd birthday... no, Eleanor is not 2 yet, but Pamie was smart and wanted Eleanor to enjoy it NOW before it gets way too hot here in Texas! To say it was a hit would be an understatement... Lucy and Eleanor LOVE IT!   Please excuse both of them... Eleanor looks like a little hoodlum and well, Lucy just wasn't prepared with a swimsuit. Gotta love it.             The proof is in the mud splatters all over Punkin Bottom.... girlfriend LOVES the sand, the water and all things messy. Only if bath time is to follow, of course.  Thank you, Pamie! We love you!

Play Group invades the Arboretum...

Last Friday, our play group decided that we would all caravan out to the Dallas Arboretum for their Good Friday Festivities.... this included not only the gardens, but a petting zoo and an Eddie Coker concert! So we packed our lunches, loaded carseats in cars and off we went. Leni Kate and Eleanor pretty much thought the car ride was an event itself... they had a ball laughing, playing peek-a-boo and singing the entire way. It was adorable.   We arrive at the CRAZY crowded Arboretum, like park in the back gravel lot, crowded. Good thing we had the double BOB, Tripp's stroller and sunglasses. Right girls?   The whole gang... we look like a stroller brigade. But seriously, I have NEVER seen so many Bob's in my life. I bet there were over 1000 there that day... no lie.   Tripp just being his sweet, content self along for the ride... like every day :).   And Eleanor fulfilling her water police duties... I have yet to go to any playdate or function with Eleanor