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Crowdsourced Group Gift Guide 2020

Okay, so admittedly I am not a blogger in the sense that I do not actually know what I am doing.... so friends, bear with me - humor me, maybe - as I attempt to simply put all of the amazing ideas that so many people shared with me when I asked about gifts for Tripp, my 9 year old son, this Christmas.  I'll start with this - there are the usual suspects that if they were recommended once, they were recommended a dozen times... and it would come as no surprise, I imagine, that they included all things Lego, Nerf and _______ boards.   But there we tons of other ideas that were honestly new, to me, and I would love to share them with you! I've put them in somewhat of a category... and linked them all! Let me know what you purchase or if you have other ideas to add to this awesome resource!  Hope this is a blessing to all us parents of boys, ages 8-13 , shopping this season! Gadgets Drone Yoto Player MP3 Player