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Who Fills My Cup?

I f you have read any of my last few post you know right off the bat one place that fills my cup. Of course, Starbucks. But, I also frequent a great little spot on Lovers Ln. and Armstrong, in the heart of the Park Cities, called Drip Coffee. There is another great place in uptown, Crooked Tree Coffee. I wanted to write this post only to say I have an apparent superfluous amount of time and money at certain times. Also to ask any readers to comment. If you have some other great places to sit with a good spiced chai tea latte please record your "spot" in the comments below. Or, if you want to let me know a much better way to spend our funds, than on a drink that costs $30.80/gallon, feel free. A lengthy introduction, indeed. W hat is money anyway? Who needs it? It is a way to trade for goods and services, isn't it? I need it, don't I? Sometimes I answer this question differently, but today I feel emotional about it. Yes I have testicles, but regrettably also deep em

If It's Left Up to Me...

S o this post-wedding blog is waiting for some new customization. As it waits I will write about whatever I want. Karen knows that if something like this is left to me then the previous and following posts are likely to emerge. After the Starbucks encounter and seeing great movies what else is there one might ask. Well... There is also the kind of writing that I don't see too often on the girl friendly, recipe ridden, baby growth, photography framed blog posts. Not that those are bad, I love photography, art, food and babies as much as the next hubby. But, Gentlemen this is specifically for you. Because I get asked about marriage realities often and want to dispense of any rumors regarding perfect harmony. I know they are floating around out there. So... I did something stupid. As you catch your breath and overcome that shock, wait. It gets worse. I lied. I lied to Karen. I lied to Karen about my sin, which we agree to hold each other accountable for. Let me clarify my lie. I was

Eli's Book

A s the first few minutes move slowly by the tone of the movie is set. Not to say the picture is a slow moving one, not with all the fighting and chasing. More that the plot walks. Like someone passing you on a casual stroll, the destination becoming clearer as you hoover above them to see the journey. (No spoilers here) I was pleasantly entertained, and even better, caused to think. My personal thoughts just this morning turned to new branch of thinking, or better yet, soapbox to stand on. There is no agenda Hollywood will balk at which shows money making potential. If intellegent people of faith would actually graduate, (seminary, undergrad, doctorates) and go into the work place they would be such effective instruments. There could be a strengthened arena for debate regarding faith in a number of professions. Enough with my preaching. I leave you with a simple promotion to see the movie. I'd go again to watch for the subtle hints at what I believe to be metaphoric faith wri

A Starbucks Surprise

"Ah, now I can dig into this new book about major bible themes." The book is not actually new, it is old. I have read most of it, at least once. Until this morning at Starbucks the orthodoxy was simply printed in new times roman on creased manila pages. It's not like I've never had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, that's the weird indwelling presence of God, just in case you're not a christian reader. But when the visible presence of the Lord appears in human need, appointed conversation or some other personal way it leaves what I'd call an indelible mark. It was kind of like my day was stained with this encounter. (Keep in mind I have a gift for the dramatic along with with being a great embellish-er.) Chapter 2 - The Bible: Inspired of God As I approached the plenary/verbal theory regarding how the Bible was inspired by God. Highlighting sentences along the way which contained great little nuggets, a note was dropped on the tan round little tab