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Christmas 2011

It is safe to say that this Christmas was a little different than normal... we had a new baby, I was recovering from a C-section, BJ was in transition to a new job and family came to us. Although it was a quieter holiday, we were truly blessed with a lot of family time and that was the best gift ever. We did manage to take Eleanor on a small Christmas outing to Bass Pro Shops... they had a Santa and a carousel that we knew she would love. Honestly, besides going to see Santa at the Galleria with Lucy this was the only Christmas activity we did. WAH-WAH.   Uncle Benny and Auntie Kristen traveled to Washington for Christmas, so they came over a few days before to give Eleanor and Tripp their gifts.... opening this gift was just a small preview of the FUN we knew Eleanor would have this year!    I mean, she got the Popper... didn't we all have one of these when we were younger?! On Christmas Eve, Pamie came to celebrate with us and showered Eleanor and Tripp with WAY too

Tripp :: Two Months Old

Buddy... you are TWO months old. Easily, these have been two of the greatest months of our lives. Having you here has been the perfect addition to our family - your sweet smile and cuddly little self absolutely makes my day, everyday. I seriously look forward to every single day with you - and as I am soaking up these fleeting days that just are going by too fast, I also can't wait to see the little boy you grow to be... I just dream about the fun we will have... can't wait to hear your little voice say Momma, Daddy and Eleanor... can't wait to see you crawl, walk and run around with your big sister.... can't wait. I sure do hope you stay as cuddly are you are now, though, because there is nothing better than snuggling with you throughout my day. You are pretty consistent with your schedule.... it isn't set in stone, but generally I feed you around 10pm and you sleep until about 6:30am, then go back to sleep until about 8:30am. Once you are up for the day, yo

Beauty Shop

What you are about to witness happens every night after Eleanor's bath. No lie. Not by Momma, nope.... but by Daddy. Eleanor and Daddy have special bonding time including a hair dryer, paddle brush and BJ tapping into his inner-beauty technician. HI-LAR-I-OUS. As you can see, Eleanor enjoys it just about as much as you would imagine she would.   But nevertheless, every time this little girl's hair is wet... Daddy insists.     Last night, I overheard him exclaiming.... "Look at that volume!" (again, no lie.)  I do have to admit, he achieved quite the height with her hair.   Watch out Pantene Pro-V... your newest hair model (and stylist) very well may be in my bathroom.   *Funny, and ridiculous, as it is... It melts my heart.

Christmas Card 2011

Let's be honest.... we just could NOT get it together to send out a Christmas card this year. We were just a little busy. Had we actually sent a card, I imagine we would have included one of the following pictures.... so if you are reading this, consider this our Christmas card... we pray you had a BLESSED holiday season! We got the best. gift. ever.         From our house to yours....