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Tripp :: Six Months Old

Holy Moly this was the fastest and most exciting month, ever!! Tripper boy, you had SO many firsts.... SO MANY! I know we always talk about how fast you are growing up, but this short span of your life has truly just been like a blink.... you have completely transitioned from a newborn to a baby... learning so much, observing everything, constantly changing and growing, babbling and becoming this little BOY who is the greatest little buddy in the whole wide world. Bug, we love you FIERCELY... so passionate and deep is our love for you, our desire for you to grow to be a man of faith and integrity, our hopes that you will live out all of your wildest dreams, our prayer that you never doubt the pride we have in YOU. Tripper, you make our day.   We don't go to the doctor until next week, but we weighed you on our scale the other day and you are already over 17lbs... chunk-a-monk, we love it! To put that in perspective, Eleanor only weighed 18lbs THIS Christmas (5 months ago, t

There Are No Words... #2


Bluebonnet Pics 2012

We tried taking our annual Bluebonnet pictures again this spring with the wonderful Erin Mueller .... and let me just say, I love them! The only thing I wish was that I had a more cooperative 3.5 month old at the time :). Oh well, they are still darling and I am so happy with these shots!   I love these eyes.   I love these fingers.   I love her joy.   I love these cheeks.   I love that smile.   I love these two. They are my greatest gift.   I love that Eleanor really wanted to hold Tripp.... and I love that he was just too heavy and that this is the best shot we got. The other ones included him face down in the flowers. Oops.