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34 Weeks...

Time is FLYING by.... I just can't believe it! This week, we celebrated Father's day with Grandpa Gross, Grandpa Rector and your daddy! BJ kind of feels the same way I did on Mother's day... pretty much not like a father, yet! But I just know he is going to be the best daddy to you - I can't wait to see him with you. His compassionate and gentle heart is already so evident, I just know you are going to make him weak at the knees! We also had another doctor appointment - everything looks great, yet again! Praise the Lord - minus the first trimester morning sickness, and now the discomfort of feeling you all the way up in my ribs and all the way down towards my hips (at the same time) - this has really been such an easy pregnancy! We cannot give enough praise to the Lord for that... it has been our prayer from the very beginning.... Healthy Baby, Healthy Momma... we trust that He is faithful to continue to protect your precious life, and mine, as we welcome you into this

33 Weeks...

This week was great, albeit busy, again! When I reflect on what I remember from this week, one thing sticks out in my mind: Braxton Hicks. That is right, unfortunately, while working an outdoor ceremony / indoor reception last weekend I experienced my first bout of "contractions". Luckily, I was working with a great team and they were able to help me out big time with my clients... unluckily for me, the "contractions" really didn't stop until mid-Sunday morning! I am thoroughly enjoying the summer... the only thing I wish was that it was slightly less hot and humid. Being on your feet, 9 months pregnant, and it being 100+ degrees makes for a messy combination... swelling! I really can't complain too much, though... because I only swell like once a week :)! The only other thing that has started is some pain in my back and stomach muscles when I am sleeping... apparently, you are getting big and heavy, so I am feeling it! This week, through series of unfort

32 Weeks...

Another exciting, busy week has gone by... and we are just getting closer and closer to meeting you, baby! If I am being honest, I am now at the point that it is almost like I know I am about to go on a big trip, or BJ and I are getting married again, or like it's my 5th birthday in a few weeks and I just can't wait..... that is how I feel about Y-O-U! I cannot cannot cannot (but want you to be healthy, so will happily) wait to meet you! Every single day I have a different feeling - it often even changes throughout the day... it is SO fun not knowing who you are, whether you are a boy or girl, and loving you SO SO much anyway! You have already brought so much joy to your daddy and I - and already so much reproof! It is quite hard to pray the fruit of the Spirit over your little life and not be forced to stop and examine our own hearts... I have been walking around quite convicted, challenged and prayerful that the Holy Spirit would continue a deep work inside of me. This week

And they call it.... PUPPY LOVE.

This weekend BJ and I had the privilege, Mindy , of watching the two pups... Chloe and Kaci Rives! I thought it would be appropriate to give Mindy a little glimpse of our weekend, "just in case" she misses her girls while she is in Zambia. Look at those eyelashes.... Mindy's best friend and wise sensei, Chloe The girls kissing on me, not sure that I loved that On a road trip to Prosper... I had to swim to heal my legs from my wedding this past weekend, and well, girls joined the fun! And obviously Kaci loved Mike... Both the girls on top of Mike, smiling for the camera :) Chloe smelling and looking for ChaCha everytime she came inside... Off to the pool....! The girls loved playing outside and went nuts when the got to meet the neighbor's German Shepherd, Reba... Chloe and Kristen... Making the girls pose one last time.... wanted Mindy to know they were loved on.... The girls miss you lady, but not as much as me! I love you and hope the Lord fills you will

31 Weeks...

It was pretty crazy looking at the pregnancy ticker this week... 60 days to go... OMG. Baby, this is nuts... we are going to meet you before we know it!! Is it okay to admit I am FREAKED OUT still about all of this... can I really go through labor? am I ready to be a Momma? is BJ ready to be a Daddy? can we afford diapers? will you like us???? These are just SOME of the things that keep me up at night. That, and your really long body (obviously) that loves to stretch out and hit me under my ribs and right at my pelvis at the same time... you must be tall like your daddy! The craziest thing happened the other night... I was watching the news in bed and my stomach appeared to do the wave... like what you would see at the ballgame... I think it was your elbow moving from one side to the other! But it skimmed the entire circumference of my belly... WEIRD and AWESOME and (kind of) Painful. It is pretty crazy to know that you started out the size of a speck and now you are like almost a cab

30 Weeks....

This week was full of fun... mainly, because by the end of the week the nursery had it's complete face lift!! Ceilings were scraped, walls painted and wallpaper hung! I absolutely love it and hope that Baby Rector does too :). I will post pictures after Baby comes, because I won't have most of my bedding until that time - seeing as I don't know what we are having... but the room is looking great! Really, other than that it has just been quite crazy - wedding season is here! (Well, it has been here since March, but personal schedule is really starting to pick up... hence behind 2 weeks on my weekly posts!). This week, we pray FAITHFULNESS over you. As we continue to pray that you will receive salvation from a young age, we pray that indwelling of the Holy Spirit would give you confidence to trust in the FAITHFULNESS of our Heavenly Father. I am going to steal some words from one of my favorite songs, but simply because this is a prayer I pray over myself as I sing it... so