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26 Weeks

*SOOOOO.... ashamed to admit there is not picture this week. BR #2 - you are still JUST as important to Momma and Daddy... forgive our inability to get it together this week :). BR #2, this week was a week of transitions.... good transitions, but nonetheless change still needs to be learned when your day to day looks different than it has. Momma has officially transitioned to staying at home.... I am not completely done with work yet (3 more weddings to go), but I do not have enough work to keep me busy at the office.... meaning, unless I am with a client in meetings or executing an event, I am home (working when Eleanor naps). This change has been a good transition for me, so that I don't just jump into to being a full time stay at home Momma when you arrive, but rather Eleanor and I will kind of have a system of sorts that we will be comfortable with by then. I am WELL aware that you will completely throw off that system, but as best prepared / rested / ready I can be, I plan t

25 Weeks

I venture to say one of your first words could very well be ALOHA.... you know why? Because Momma and Daddy LOVE the beach.... and you have an amazing Nanna and PaPaw who took us on vacation there this past week and I know are looking forward to getting your toesies in the sand one day too :). What a treat... we needed it too... it has been such a HOT and busy summer, so it was SO nice to vacation with family and do nothing but a whole lot of relaxing, swimming, playing and eating.... we know you'll love it someday, too. Speaking of loving it, you were SO active while we were in Hawaii... maybe you already DO love it... or maybe I just love feeling you move and squirm and stretch in my tummy. Yep, that's it. You have officially become quite the mover and shaker, sometimes painfully, in my tummy.... I'll take it though, keep it up! This week Daddy and I were just completely overwhelmed by the generosity of your grandparents.... not only did they invite us on this wonderf

24 Weeks

BR #2, what a FABULOUS week this was with you.... and I have to admit, my freaking ecstatic crazy excited over the top joy comes from news we received this week! You and Eleanor are going to have a baby COUSIN!!!!! Even writing this now brings tears to my eyes!!! Uncle Benny and Auntie Kristen are PREGNANT with grandbaby #3, due at the end of February, just a few months after you!!!!!!! I know you will not understand the significance of this for a few years, but BR #2, Momma can hardly contain herself that you and Eleanor will have a cousin so close in age to you both.... growing up, Momma had (um, still has) a BIG group of cousins - a lot that were quite a bit older and a few that were right around my age.... and I'll tell you what, family is the greatest. Oh the memories I can just see you all making: the skits, the games, the messes, the slumber parties, the fights.... oh it will all be just so fun! I pray that you have a friendship with your cousin(s) in the same way that I

Can you say... ALOOOOHHHHAAA???!!!!

We will be working on it all week in MAUI!!!! Can you say EXCITED? Because we are.... Enjoy the heat, Dallas... we are off to 80 degree highs! Pineapple everyday, virgin beverages for this Momma... Putting baby girl's toes in the sand for the first time.... MAHALO, Pa-Paw and Nanna for taking us on this trip, we can't wait!! In all seriousness, if you need us in the next eight days.... you can find us here:

Eleanor's First Birthday Party!

Seeing as Eleanor's birthday is right in the hottest part of the summer, we decided to throw a pool party for little girl's FIRST birthday!! My generous parents opened their home to our friends and family for an afternoon of swimming, hot dogs and good ole summer fun! It was the perfect day - because Eleanor's FAVORITE activity is to swim... as you will see from the pictures below! I know she won't remember the party, but it really was the best day of her life.... hopefully these pictures will show you just a brief glimpse of how FUN you are, precious girl! The party started with these fabulous invitations from my dear friend, Marina . She is SO talented... she created my blog, she did Eleanor's birth announcement and now her birthday invitation.... THANK YOU, Marina!! We spent the night at my parent's house the night before the party so that we could spend the next morning getting things ready... Eleanor enjoyed "Happy Birthday" before every meal t