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Eleanor :: Three Months Old

I can't believe another month has come and gone... sweet baby girl, the days just go by way too quickly with you... I literally wish that I could stop time some days, hold you forever, make you laugh with the greatest of ease and spend all of my time with you (and daddy!). Yet again, I feel like it is so necessary to let you know the JOY you have brought into our home.... your presence in our family has been the greatest gift... We love you so much and believe that the Lord has created you for GREAT things... you are so unbelievably wonderful! This month was so fun spending our time with you... we can tell that you are constantly learning, continually loving life... your eyes are always wide open, you sing sing sing loud and all of the time, you respond when we talk to you... it is just too fun. What an amazing personality you have... you are SUCH a ham, already performing for your adoring fans (and there are MANY). *And as you can see, you are starting to have much stronger and d

Feeling Good About God

Psalm 20-21 just reaffirmed to me that someone at sometime has been very thankful to God for bringing them to His side. In this case King David is overwhelmed with how great it is that God cares about Himself and has brought David to know salvation in the LORD. There is genuine joy in David's heart for God's goodness and justice. There is rejoicing, blessing, fulfilled request, trust, strength, wrath for evil and praise just to name some instances of God's ability and character in regard to his relationship with people and David's responses.  Know that goodness will overcome and evil will meet it's end. There is no strength higher than God's and no weapon that will hurt Him. Though we ache and suffer in this present age there will be a time of overcoming what overwhelms us. When we see the end of our days we should rest assure that life could have been worse, if not for God. No matter the circumstance there is a great reward at the end of all things when deat

Subject to Rebellion

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. (Romans 12:1) If there is a downfall in my life that I'd love to put to death, this is it. This begins three chapters (Rom. 12-15) of Paul discussing what and why we are to consider our rights far below the rights of others and the obligation we have to the Lord. This, I truly believe, is the message no one wants preached. This aspect of the gospel is one that is so joyful in doing, being led by the Holy Spirit, yet so painful when a believer is mired in flesh, satan and worldliness.  Let love be without hypocrisy...cling to what is good. Bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse. Paul is directing all attention straight at Jesus. These are Jesus' words to the crowd, and His disciples, from the 'sermon on the mount'. In a sense, Paul is reminding the brethren in Rome that Je

2 years down!

Happy Anniversary BJ.... I love you so much and celebrate our vows again, today. You have enriched my life so very much and these two years, all while crazy, were simply the best. You are my very best friend. I L-O-V-E YOU.

Eleanor :: Two Months Old

Well Punkin Pie... you are 2 months old!! Yet again, it was SUCH a fast month enjoying life with you... so many firsts, so many funny memories, each day better than the day before.... you, little girl, are just too awesome for words. Call it horomones, I call it LOVE, but there almost is not a day that goes by that I shed a tear or two out of complete and utter JOY you bring your daddy and I. We are just so blessed that by you - it is the most fun, humbling and exciting experience to be your parents. We cannot even begin to put into words how amazing your personality is... during your second month of life, you had a BALL... literally, loving your life! Can't you tell?? Haha! Okay, okay.... so you have had a few bad days too... you had your first stomach ache about 3 days after your month birthday... you cried all day (and since you never cry, I freaked out)... we took you to the doctor knowing something had to be wrong only to find out that you are just a growing girl... and were