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Taking Turns

One of Eleanor's favorite things is to "take turns" with Tripp. Best example: diaper changes. "Taking turns" is Momma's fool proof method to ensure a smooth diaper change with Eleanor (she hates it, otherwise). So, off the three of us go to Eleanor's room where I change Tripper's diaper and when I am done, she always claims "My turn!" (perfect.). So I put Tripper in E's bed and change her diaper. After changing her diaper she always wants to join Tripp in her crib to play.... this happens almost every day, multiple times.   I have to be honest.... its not just the ease of the diaper chance why I love when we "take turns". But I bet you guessed that.

Tripp :: Seven Months Old

I have a million posts that are still in "draft" form because I have so many updates about your little life, Tripper. Now, if I only had the time (read: energy) to actually finish them it would be amazing. Yet here we are again, another month flown by at the speed of light.... and I gulp as I admit we are on the second half of your first year of life. I literally just had tears well to my eyes as I wrote that.... how unbelievable, seven months already passed?!?! This past month was definitely one of our hardest, to date, but now looking back I can't help but agree with the age-old, popular saying that "the days are long but the years are short". Too short. Tripper boy, you are my favorite little boy in the whole wide world. Your routine is FINALLY awesome.... only took half of the year, but boy it felt like an eternity to get straight. Now, it is like clock-work. Up at 7:00-7:15, nap from 9:15-10:45, nap from 1:15-3:00, bed at 7:45pm. Sometimes you snea