The Sister of Honor...

Its time for our readers to get to know some of our bridal party... and there is no better place to start than with your maid of honor!  

For those of you who don't know my younger sister Katie, growing up she was my sidekick, my stage-hand, my monkey that would bang the cymbals if I asked.... basically, if I was the center of attention, she was right there to introduce me, applaud me, or be my partner in crime.  

So now as we have both "grown" up, and its time for me to make the biggest decision of my life, it means the world to me that there Katie will be.... right by my side, my-stage hand, making me look better and supporting me as I change my last name once and for all.

Just so we are clear, there was, however, one time when I was furious that Katie shared my stage.... when I was about 6 years old I was determined I would be a childhood star.  So my parents, indulging me in this dream, let me audition for a kids movie called "The Donut Man".  Katie, 3 at the time, was so encouraging during practice-- watching me sing and dance for hours preparing for the big audition.  Then, that day came.... As I was giving the audition of my life (if I do say so myself), my darling little sister came to join me on stage.  She knew the moves, she knew the song... and well, she was 3-- so needless to say, Katie got the part.  I, however, became an understudy for the next 10 years of my life.

But I promise I am over it.... in fact, I would see it no other way but to have her share the stage with me again.
I love you Katie.  You are a movie star (in your own-right), a best friend, a shopping partner, and a thumb-sucking crazy kid who I really do admire.  Your creativity is inspiring and I wouldn't dream of anyone next to me on my wedding day, but you.  From the days of "Under the Boardwalk" and "Sister Act"... now to "Going to the Chapel" we go.... I love you.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful girls. Its good to know that things haven't changed too much since the days of the Gross family home videos.
Anonymous said…
What a awesome story about you and Katie, my grandchildren still watches the Mr. Donut Man when they get in my car and always says Gran Gran there is Katie, Mr. Gross daughter. I know you Daddy will not take time to read this so between his appts today I read him the story. He was amazed.
Love Patsy Robinson

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