Cheerleading Tryouts

If you have ever been through any sort of team tryout, audition, or interview, you know the waiting period can be a little bit stressful.... and well, that gives you an idea of how the hunt for our reception location has been since our engagement. BJ and I wanted to find a location that we felt "suits" us... so, the search began a while ago, to say the least. Enjoy this process alongside of us:

1. Dallas Museum of Art--who wouldn't want to have their reception here? The Hamon Atrium is absolutely perfect for the bride and groom who like to work with bare bones--slate floors, concrete infrastructure, and a 5 story glass wall with colorful blown glass cascading down. Not only that, but it really taps in to BJ's "artistic" side. So, we get all worked up over the DMA to find out that well, weddings are taking back seat due to the arrival of King Tut. Yes, He and all his artefactual glory are coming to Dallas in October, and well, until about 2 weeks ago, weddings were not on their radar! Needless to say, after not receiving calls back for about 6 weeks, our hunt continued....(for more info about King Tut, click here)

2. Can I even name all of the venues I visited in this process???.... lets put it this way.... I had our name/date "penciled" in at 3 venues... yes, 3.... but I just wasn't excited about any of them...

3. Brook Hollow Golf Club--it is funny the way that this all works out. My best friend Mindy, a MAGNIFICENT wedding planner, has been such a good resource for me, and has repeatedly told me that I really should look into this timeless, beautiful, classic venue. Being the "know-it-all" that I am, I swore up and down to Mindy that I had been to a wedding there that I did not like, so I was not interested.... I was wrong.
About 3 weeks ago, one of the bands that we have hired for our reception was performing there and Mindy invited my parents, BJ and I to come hear them. We walk in 10:45pm, my jaw DROPS--I have never been here.... not only that, it is more beautiful than Mindy describes, and well, my reception HAS to be here.... go figure!
This is where the story turns just awesome... the next day at church BJ and I were talking to some of our favorite HPPC families telling them about our band being at BHGC, us falling in love with it, and wishing we were members to this exclusive club because it is just so great... wouldn't you know it---both families are members and eagerly offered to sponsor us! This all happened on March 29.... and well, the board of governors did not meet until April 24 to let us know... and now you understand my title... Cheerleading tryouts!
Needless to say, God is SO good, our sponsors and the board are amazing, and well...we made the team! So, butterflies in the stomach have settled, menu planning has begun, and well, we are set for an amazing wedding--- 2 of the most gorgeous venues in Dallas, Texas: Highland Park Presbyterian Church

Brook Hollow Golf Club.

YAY! See you there....


Mindy Rives said…
I'm glad you made the squad. Yay!!!
Anonymous said…
I know it will be a "Cinderella Affair"! What does one wear to the ball?
Lynn said…
GOD is the BEST!!! HE never ceases to amaze me, karen, and i pray that HE always amazes and surprises you forever! and let me say how proud i am of you and i love you sweetie ~ aunt lynn

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